Arturo Alvarez Nevo NE06 Wall Lamp

Designer: Arturo Alvarez

The NE06 Wall Lamp is from the Arturo Alvarez Nevo Collection. It is a vibrant shape that seems to be constantly changing .A cloud of suggestive curves of impossble volumes where the future intersects with the present in a subtle way. A self confident shape made of cutting edge material.
NE06p (Model 1):
Diameter: 28cm x 28cm (11.75inch)
Projection: 15cm (6 inch) 
NE06 (Model 2):
Diameter: 44 cm (17.50 inch)
Projection: 22 cm (8.75inch)
NE06p: Gu9 Max 1 x 9watt or G9 Eco max 1 x 42 Watt.
NE06: 2 lamps x 60watt or 2 x Eco 42Watt.
Metal base coated with silicone fabric.
White, orange, black, yellow, grey. 
246.00 vat excl
302.58 vat incl
* Colour:

* Size:

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