Arturo Alvarez Nevo Ne04-6 Pendant Lighting

Designer: Alvaro Alvarez

The Arturo Alvarez Nevo NE04-6 and NE04-11 are new additions to the Arturo Alvarez Nevo Collection. It is a collection of the Nevo lights arranged in two clusters of 6 pieces and 11 pieces. It comes in the two sizes and is arranged in a cascading format to form an impressive chandelier. It is a vibrant piece of a cloud like appearance and will fill large spaces with great vitality.
Neo4-6 (Model 1) : 
Diameter: 90cm x 90cm (35.4 x 35.4 inch)
Height: 250cm (98.4 inch) 
Neo4-11 (Model 2):
Diameter: 115 cm x 115 cm  (45.3 x 45.3 inch)
Heigth: 250cm (98.40 inch)
NE04-6: Gu9 Max 6lamps x 9 Watt or G9 Eco max 6lamps x 42 Watt.
NE04-11: 11 lamps x 60 Watt or 11 lamps x Eco 42 Watt.
Metal base coated with silicone fabric.
White, orange, black, yellow, grey. 
2,000.00 vat excl
2,460.00 vat incl
* Colour:

* Size:

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