B.lux Boletus Out External Floor Lamp

Brand: B.lux
Designer: Jorge Pensi
Boletus is a unique exterior floor lamp which is ideal for public areas (eg. parks, walkways etc.). Equipped with a low energy light source, making it very energy efficient.  The Boletus is available in two versions; ground mounted ot a portable options (maximum wiring connection of 3.5 metres).
Available to see in our showroom.
Boletus Out A - Ground mounted (option 1):
Height: 60 cm (23.62 inch)
Diameter: 51 cm (20 inch)
Boletus Out B - Portable (option 2):
Height: 60 cm (23.62 inch)
Diameter: 51 cm (20 inch)
2 lamps x 2G11 fluorescent (max 36 Watts)
Protection Rating: IP54
Aluminium & opal polyethylene
Aluminium & opal white diffuser
782.00 vat excl
961.86 vat incl
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