Terzani Atlantis Wall Lighting

Brand: Terzani
Designer: Barlas Baylar
Matching wall version of Atlantis Chandelier, this superb wall fixture is hand-made from steel, available in two sizes and four finishes: nickel, black nickel, gold and bronze. Like water in the ocean, Terzani Atlantis Wall Lighting chains appear liquid, cascading over its gloss nickel bands and falling down towards the abyss before turning back into itself.
Atlantis J04A (small)
Height: 36 cm (14.1 inch)
Depth: 11 cm (4.3 inch)
Width: 21 cm (8.3 inch)
Atlantis J03A (large)
Height: 53 cm (20.8 inch)
Depth: 13 cm (5.1 inch)
Width: 51 cm (20 inch)
Atlantis J04A (small)
Europe / Rest of the World: 2 lamps x E14 ES Halogen (max 42 Watts)
United States: 2 lamps x E12 Flame CA 10 (max 60 Watts)
Atlantis J03A (large)
Europe / Rest of the World: 4 lamps x E14 ES Halogen (max 28 Watts)
United States: 4 lamps x E12 Flame CA 10 (max 40 Watts)
Steel Chains With Plated Finish
Colours / finishes:
Nickel, Black Nickel, Gold and Bronze
Atlantis J04A (small), Nickel finish: Model 1
Atlantis J04A (small), Black Nickel finish: Model 2
Atlantis J04A (small), Gold finish: Model 3
Atlantis J04A (small), Bronze finish: Model 4
Atlantis J03A (large), Nickel finish: Model 5
Atlantis J03A (large), Black Nickel finish: Model 6
Atlantis J03A (large), Gold finish: Model 7
Atlantis J03A (large), Bronze finish: Model 8
1,440.00 vat excl
1,771.20 vat incl
* Size:

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