Terzani G.R.A. Sphere Pendant Lighting

Brand: Terzani
Designer: Bruno Rainaldi
The G.R.A. pendant is made by Terzani’s artisan craftmen. Each ring is individually welded together to create a delicate, refined pendant casting light and shadow as it hangs. It is a beautiful work of art and would be a complement to any room. This pendant is available in an oval or sphere shape in finishes like nickel or gold. The G.R.A. suspension light comes in three sizes: 90, 70 and 54 cm.
G.R.A. N43S (Small Sphere)
Diameter: 54 cm (21.6 inch)
G.R.A. N42S (Medium Sphere)
Diameter: 70 cm (27.6 inch)
G.R.A. N40S (Large Sphere)
Diameter: 90 cm (35.4 inch)

Maximum height (including cord): 290 cm (114 inch)
European / Rest of the World: 1 GZ10 HPAR111 Halogen lamp x 100 Watts 
United States: 1 GU10 PAR111 Halogen lamp x 100 Watts
Nickel, gold
G.R.A. N43S Small  Nickel (option 1)
G.R.A. N43S Small  Gold (option 2)
G.R.A. N42S Medium Nickel (option 3)
G.R.A. N42S Medium Gold (option 4)
G.R.A. N40S Large Nickel (option 5)
G.R.A. N40S Large Gold (option 6)


1,950.00 vat excl
2,398.50 vat incl
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