Artinox Woody Mix Wall Light with Flexible LED arm

Brand: Artinox
Functional wall light with flexible LED arm, available in many different finishes. Woody Mix wall light is easy to adapt to many different style of interior. The collection also includes a table lamp with or without extra LED light, wall lamp and floor lamp.
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Height: 54 cm (21.3 inch)
Diameter: 15 cm (5.9 inch)
1 x E27 (Max 40 watt) & 1 x LED (Max 3 watt)
Finish: CR-Chrome, NA-Matte brushed nikel,  PB-Glossy white paint, OA-Antique gold matte, NE-Brushed nikel, OX-Antique gold, PP-Matte black paint, AU-Gold plate, 
Shade: White
* Finishes:

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