Arturo Alvarez Li Wall Lighting

Wall lamp with look-alike waves broken curved lines drench walls in subtlety, fine and delicate shapes that let light beams out in order to lean out of the stripes to be reflected on the wall. Made from strong and resistant pressed cellulose, this wall light comes equipped with a LED lighting for quality and energy-efficient lighting.
Available to see in our showroom.
Li LI06 (Model 1):
Length: 51.5 cm (20.27 inch)
Height: 15.5 cm (5.9 inch)
Depth: 6.5 cm (2.56 inch)
Li LI06G (Model 2):
Length: 103.5 cm (40.74 inch)
Height: 16 cm (6.3 inch)
Depth: 6.5 cm (2.56 inch)
Li LI06 (standard): 1 lamp x LED 0.6 m/A (7.2 Watts)
Li LI06G (large): 1 lamp x LED 0.6 m/A (14.4 Watts)
Strong and resistant pressed cellulose stripes
White, light grey, beige, light green, light blue, red, deep red or brown
326.00 vat excl
400.98 vat incl
* Colour:

* Size:

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