Ivela Bend 19 / 26 LED Adjustable Recessed Downlighter

Brand: Ivela
Bend LED is a Recessed Adjustable LED Downlighter, offering increased efficacy and performance thanks to the high efficiency LED’s of last generation that equip these products, with passive dissipation of the heat generated by the light source. The Bend LEDs are the perfect solution for asymmetrical lighting of walls and vertical surfaces, as well as for accent lighting in exhibition areas, shopwindows and shops in general. The fittings rotate through 75° and pivot through 355°. Bend LED is available in two outputs 1600 lumens (18 Watts) or 3000 lumens (32 Watts), this fitting is an energy efficent alternative to the standard halogen option. These fittings also come with a 5 year guarantee & a 50,000 hour life span.
This ceiling lighting is suitable for hotels, shopping centres, conference rooms, retail areas, showrooms, accommodation facilities and offices.
Bend 19 LED (small):
Depth: 17.5 cm (6.88 inch)
Diameter: 19.2 cm (7.56 inch)
Cut Out: 17.8 cm (7 inch)

Bend 26 LED (big):
Height: 20.5 cm (8 inch)
Diameter: 26.2 cm (10.31 inch)
Cut Out: 24.5 cm (9.64 inch)
Bend 19 LED (small): 1600 Lumens / 18 Watt LED (3000k Ra>80).  30 degree beam angle as standard
Bend 26 LED (big): 3000 Lumens / 32 Watt LED (3000k Ra>80).  90 degree beam angle as standard
Protection Rating: IP23
Body and ring in die-cast aluminium polyester painted. Mirror metallized thermoplastic reflector
Matte white or silver (different colours are available for large quantities)
242.80 vat excl
298.64 vat incl
* Size:

* Colour:

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