Kartell Bloom Elliptical Pendant Lighting

Brand: Kartell
Designer: Ferruccio Laviani
Do you like the idea of having a floral arrangement above the table? Today the Bloom lamp family with its distinctive original structure covered by sparkling polycarbonate flowers as pure and precious as crystal takes on a new elliptical shape in two different sizes and with new functions: it can be hung or used as a wall light or ceiling fixture. As delicate as spring bouquets, the Bloom lights offer new and sophisticated multicoloured nuances of lavender and mint or of an elegant transparent white monochrome. A series of little lights located on the internal frame beams light shafts through the petals to refract on their faceted surfaces and multiply into a thousand reflections. This range of models available now includes: Bloom S1 and S2, two different sizes of elliptical pendant lamps. 
Bloom 9260  (small)
Diameter: 28 cm
Height: 19 cm
Cable lenght: 29 - 219 cm
Bloom 9265 (large)
Diameter: 53 cm
Height: 35 cm
Cable lenght: 45 - 235 cm
Bloom 9260 (small): 3 lamps x G9 33 Halo 
Bloom 9265 (large): 6 lamps x G9 33 Halo
Protection rating: IP20
Batch-dyed technopolymer thermoplastic
Transparent B4 / Crystal, Transparent LV / Lavender, Transparent MN / Mint, 03/white mat
242.00 vat excl
297.66 vat incl
* Size:

* Kartell colours :

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