Kartell Invisible Table

Brand: Kartell
Designer: Tokujin Yoshioka
Invisible Table is square-topped table the size and weight almost 20 kg of which mark a new and significant pioneering advance in the company’s technological innovation but also in that of the industrial design world in general. Invisible Table surprises both for its aesthetics and for the extreme technology that has created it. This table is, in fact, produced by Kartell through the injection technique using a single mould that can handle the almost "off the scales" weight and the size and that guarantees its stability.
Invisible Table 5075 Basso (Low, small size)
Width: 100 cm (39.37 inch)
Height: 31.5 cm (12.40 inch)
Depth: 100 cm (39.37 inch)
Weight: 16 kg
Invisible Table 5070 Alto (High, large size)
Width: 100 cm (39.37 inch)
Height: 72 cm (28.35 inch)
Depth: 100 cm (39.37 inch)
Weight: 19 kg
Transparent or batch coloured PMMA
Transparent: B4/crystal, J1/fumé, J1/smoke, VA/green algae, AM/amber, OT/teal
Matte: E5/white matte
647.00 vat excl
795.81 vat incl
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* Kartell colours :

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