Kartell La Marie Chair

Brand: Kartell

The worlds first completely transparent chair made from a single polycarbonate mould, La Marie combines essential design with an exceptionally robust structure to produce the lightness andintangibility of its image.

An ingenious combination of lightness and strength, the result of painstaking and meticulous research on its polycarbonate material, this item is shock resistant. In addition to the crystal version, La Marie is available in four additional flourecent shades: violet, lightyellow, light orange and pinky orange.
Available to see in our showroom.
Height(overall): 87.5 cm (34.44 inch)
Width: 38.7 cm (15.23 inch)
Depth: 52.5 cm (20.66 inch)
Colours: Crystal, Pinky orange, Light orange, violet, Light yellow, 
200.00 vat excl
246.00 vat incl
* Kartell colours :

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