Kartell Spoon Stool

Brand: Kartell

Designer: Antonio Citterio & Toan Nguyen

Spoon lends itself to any surronding: kitchen benches, bars and fashionable, nonconformist-style restaurants
An original stool whose shape is as flexible in appearance as it is in function. The innovation of Spoon consists mainly in attaching the seat to a central support with a specially reinforced curve to guarantee flexibility and comfort. Furthermore, thanks to a sophisticated design solution, a gas lift pump allows stool height to be adjusted between 56 cm (22") and 76 cm (29.9"), and is perfectly inserted into the stem
Width: 56 cm
Height: 76 - 96 cm adjustable
Depth: 56 cm
Seat height: 56-76 cm
Weight: 7.2 kg
Material: Polypropylene
Mat: 03/white, 09/black, 10/red, 26/orange, 27/aluminium
401.00 vat excl
493.23 vat incl
* Kartell colours :

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