Kartell T-Table

Brand: Kartell
Designer: Patricia Urquiola
This line of tables originated from the creativity of Patricia Urquiola combined with Kartell’s capability and technological know-how. They resulted from the research into innovative surfaces to achieve new visual and tactile effects. The surface of the T-table top alternates fullness and space to create an elegant and precious effect which is reminiscent of embroidery. This object expresses very poetic, feminine and extremely elegant born from technological research and experimentation. It’s available in a clear transparent version and in a coloured one and it comes in three different heights. 
T-Table low (Model 1):
Diameter: 50 cm (19.68 inch)
Height: 28 cm (11 inch)
Weight: 3 kg
T-Table medium (Model 2):
Diameter: 50 cm (19.68 inch)
Height: 36 cm (14.17 inch)
Weight: 3.13 kg
T-Table high (Model 3):
Diameter: 50 cm (19.68 inch)
Height: 44 cm (17.32)
Weight: 3.29 kg
Transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate
Transparent: B4/Crystal, AZ/light blue, GI/yellow, AM/amber, RO/red
Matte: NE/black
176.00 vat excl
216.48 vat incl
* Size:

* Kartell colours :

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