LZF Guijarros Wall / Ceiling Lighting

Brand: LZF Lamps
Designer: Mariví Calvo

Awards: Schöner Wohnen Hamburg, 2007

Guijarro is a wall / ceiling lamp designed by Spanish artist Mariví Calvo whose uneven curves invite us out to play. As the name suggests in Spanish, it emulates those little stones, rounded by water, that we find on the banks of rivers and streams. It creates a unique, delicate ambiance and can be combined using different sizes and finishes to produce a customized composition for every space. This is especially easy thanks to an assembly system with magnets that simplifies our work and allows us to move it slightly, study which position we prefer, or change it and substitute it for another model. Its hand made shade has been manufactured with especially selected wood veneer and exquisitely treated in every step of the whole process. Mariví Calvo’s Guijarros were awarded the Schöner Wohnen / Neue Calibre prize in Hamburg (2007) being selected as one of the 100 most beautiful objects in the world for the last 50 years. Available in 6 different sizes and shapes, it can be adapted to every interior.
Available to see in our showroom.
G1 A (model 1):
Height: 25 cm (9.84 inch)
Width: 16 cm (6.29 inch)
Depth: 10 cm (3.93 inch)
G2 A (model 2):
Height: 29 cm (11.41 inch)
Width: 19 cm (7.48 inch)
Depht: 10 cm (3.93 inch)
G3 A (model 3):
Height: 26 cm (10.23 inch)
Width: 23 cm (9.05 inch)
DEpth: 10 cm (3.93 inch)
G4 A (model 4):
Height: 32 cm (12.59 inch)
Width: 27 cm (10.62 inch)
Depth: 10 cm (3.93 inch)
G5 A (model 5):
Height: 36 cm (14.17 inch)
Width: 25 cm (9.84 inch)
Depth: 10 cm (3.93 inch)
G6 A (model 6):
Height: 41 cm (16.14 inch)
Width: 38 cm (14.96 inch)
Depth: 10 cm (3.93 inch)
G1 A / G2 A:
Europe/ Rest of the World: 1 lamp x GX-53 CFL Slim lamp (9 Watts)
United States / Canada: 1 lamp x GU-24 Base CFL Spiral (13 watts)
G3 A / G4 A / G5 A / G6 A:
Europe/ Rest of the World: 1 lamp x GX-53 CFL Slim lamp (max 13 Watts)
United States / Canada: 1 lamp x GU-24 Base CFL Spiral (max 13 watts)
Natural Wood CHW: 20 American White Wood, 21 Cherry, 22 Beech, 24 Yellow, 25 Orange, 26 Red, 28 Blue, 30 Turquoise, 31 Chocolate
230.00 vat excl
282.90 vat incl
* Size:

* CHW Colour:

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