LZF I-CLUB Slim S Pendant Lighting

Brand: LZF Lamps

Designer: Bukhard Dämmer

Burkhard Dämmer
Burkhard Dämmer

Designed by the German designer Burkhard Dämmer, this series comprises suspension, floor, table and wall lamps. Every lamp is handcrafted by LZF, using natural wood veneer. This collection, which forms part of the CLUB series, features minimalist architectural lines. The suspension and floor models are equipped with the T5 electronic technology to ensure minimum energy consumption. The CLUB series combines the warmth of ambient lighting with the light output of fluorescent lamps. The lampshades are available in 11 different wood veneer finishes

Width: 153 cm (60.2 inch)
Height: 9.5 cm (3.7 inch)
Depth: 10 cm (3.9inch)
1 bulb x 49 Watts T-5 linear fluorescent
Shade: Natural Wood
Natural Wood CHW:  20 American White Wood, 21 Cherry, 22 Beech, 24 Yellow, 25 Orange, 26 Red, 28 Blue, 30 Turquoise, 31 Chocolate
890.00 vat excl
1,094.70 vat incl
* CHW Colour:

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