LZF X-Club Table Lamp

Brand: LZF Lamps
LZF X-Club
Designer: Burkhard Dämmer
X-Club Table Lamp fits perfect in modern places, the hand crafted lamp using natural wood veneer is designed for diffused lighting. 
Like all the other fittings from the Club Family this table lamp incorporates top electronic technology that guarantees minimum consumption as well as other assets: warmness and power, simplicity and surprise. Available in 11 different wood veneer finishes.
Height: 58 cm (22.83 inch)
Diagional: 75 cm (29.52 inch)
Depth: 15 cm (5.90 inch)
2 lamps x T5 Linear Fluorescent  (max 14 Watts)
Shade: Natural Wood Veneer
Diffuser: Satinice Perspex
Natural Wood CHW: 20 American White Wood, 21 Cherry, 22 Beech, 24 Yellow, 25 Orange, 26 Red, 28 Blue, 30 Turquoise, 31 Chocolate
1,070.00 vat excl
1,316.10 vat incl
* CHW Colour:

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