LZF X-Club Wall / Ceiling Light

Brand: LZF Lamps
LZF X-Club

Designer: Burkhard Dämmer

X-Club is an idea of German designer Burkhard Dämmer and a variant of the Club family. It has been designed to give direct and indirect lighting to private and contract spaces alike. The veneer sheet that it’s circumference is made up of gives a warm, pleasant light. Its distinctive feature, which gives it name, is it’s “X” shape. Available in different wood veneer finishes: white bolivar, red, orange, yellow, green, grey, cherry and beech. Its elegant, compact appearance houses state-of-the-art electronic technology that guarantees a minimum electrical consumption. The X-Club family combines the warmness of ambient lighting with the power and quality of fluorescent lamps. The wall / ceiling version has a size of 75 cm (diagonal). The X-Club series comprises hanging, floor, table and wall lamps.

This version is suitable for wall lighting or of ceiling lighting.
Diagonal: 75 cm (29.5 inch)
Height: 58 cm (28.8 inch)
Depth: 12 cm (4.7 inch)
2 lamps x T5 Linear Fluorescent (max 14 Watts)
Shade: Natural Wood Veneer
Diffuser:Satinice Acrylic
Natural Wood CHW: 20 American White Wood, 21 Cherry, 22 Beech, 24 Yellow, 25 Orange, 26 Red, 28 Blue, 30 Turquoise, 31 Chocolate
1,175.00 vat excl
1,445.25 vat incl
* Dimmer option:

* CHW Colour:

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