Prolicht Matrix Big Trimless Downligher Complete

Brand: Prolicht
Matrix Bix complete: recessing ring, ajustable AR111 insert, 75 Watts AR111 lamp and transformer. The trimless frame must be plastered into the ceiling.
• Aluminium plasterboard ring for all BigMatrix-inserts
• Powder-coated recessing ring and insert available in 25 no. RAL colours*
• For plasterboard-ceilings: 10, 12.5 and 15 mm
• Tool-free lamp change
• Simple installation
Exterior diameter (recessing ring): 22 cm
Interior diameter (recessing ring): 14.2 cm
Depth (recessing ring): 5 cm
1 AR111 lamp x 75 Watts
Aluminium platerboard ring
Ring and insert available in 25 RAL colours (Check colour chart)
* Prolicht Colours:

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