Prolicht String 5 LED (T) complete

Brand: Prolicht

Prolicht String 5 complete with LED Driver and Housing for Blockwork  Recessed Wall lights

 The new Led Lights of Prolicht accentuate space, can be used to  illuminate stairways or floors. Can be installed in Partition walls or blockwork / concrete walls but housing will be required in the latter wall construction.

Available to see in our showroom.

Lenght: 15 cm (5.9 inch)
Width: 4 cm (1.6 inch)
Depth: 2.6 cm (1 inch)
Housing For Blockwork (optional)
Lenght: 25 cm (9.8 inch)
Width:12 cm (4.7 inch)
Depth: 5.5 cm (2.2 inch)
1.2 Watt LED
sheet steel 
Frame available in 25 RAL colours (Check colour chart)
* Housing for blockwork:

* Prolicht Colours:

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