Slamp Goccia Pendant Light

Brand: Slamp
Designer: Stefano Papi

Pendant light made from Lentiflex / Opalflex available in 7 versions: Transparent, Jet (Black/Gold), Snow (White/Gold), Fire (White/Forange/Yellow), Opal (White/Blue/Plum), Tetra (Whte, Yellow, Plum, Blue), Aqua (White, Green)
Diameter: 30 cm
Height: 43 cm
Maximum pendant height (with cord): 210 cm
1 E-27 lamp x 24 Watts FBG (energy-saving lamp)
Goccia Suspension Prisma: Lentiflex® (Is a material made using particular manufacturing techniques which make the surface "faceted" as if it were formed from many little prisms. The new material, which has a strong seducing power, creates intriguing and fascinating refractive effects and reflections of the light. Thanks to the superimposing of two layers of material with an inverse inclination of 12°, Lentiflex® changes colour and form just as water does, depending on the differing points of observation.)
Goccia Suspension: Opalflex® (Exclusive material which is recyclable and patented. Luminous, opalescent and as attractive as glass, versatile and unbreakable as plastic. Opalflex® is a totally original mix of polymers and particular additives with unique properties for the emanation of light. The gradation of the colours, which is also brought about by serigraphic means, renders the lamps into luminous presences which create a specifically unmistakable atmosphere.)
Goccia Suspension Prisma: Transparent
Goccia Suspension: Jet (Black/Gold), Snow (White/Gold), Fire (White/Forange/Yellow), Opal (White/Blue/Plum), Tetra (Whte, Yellow, Plum, Blue), Aqua (White, Green)
146.00 vat excl
179.58 vat incl
* Colour:

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